Monroy & Holly Red Barn Dallas engagement


When you think of the fun, joy, and excitement a couple should exemplify between one another, think of Monroy and Holly. Not a moment went by that these two weren’t engaging with each other. They laughed and poked fun towards each other the entire time which made my job a lot easier. Holly and Monroy are both coworkers of mine and so I knew this engagement was in the plans for a while. Monroy was really determined to find a red barn and after driving all over North Dallas, he finally stumbled upon one. He excitedly text me some picture to get my opinion. I agreed with him that it was perfect. This was our third attempt at trying to get pictures taken due to the much needed rainy weather Dallas had been getting lately. We thought we might have to cancel again, but; nonetheless the weather was beautiful on that Sunday afternoon. We had a great time at the red barn. As you can see, Holly and Monroy forgot I was there. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this year! Please enjoy a few of our favorite moments.

  1. Keisha Griego says:

    What amazing work!!
    And such a beautiful couple!!

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