Mona & Demetrius | Engagement Session at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum


Love is in the air…..literally. Traveling on a flight from Kansas City to Dallas during Mother’s Day Weekend, Demetrius popped the question…..and Mona said YES! The couple wanted to relive that moment in their engagement session. The airplane theme was all Mona’s idea. The facility didn’t allow us a lot of time; but, we were still able to capture the essence of that very special time for the couple. The vision we had for the shoot became a reality. This couple made shooting them so very easy. They really didn’t need any direction at all. We ended their shoot a few minutes away at a nearby office park to incorporate some simpler shots. This couple was fun and energetic. Mona and Demetruis, we’re excited for you both and thanks for taking us along for the ride. Here are some of our favorite moments, enjoy!!!

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