Colton & Brittany McKinney Texas Engagement Session


Colton and Brittany’s engagement session was definitely a first and one for the memory books. This was my first time being ask to shoot on acres of farm land and I can’t explain how excited I was for the opportunity. Colton and I work together so he is no stranger to me. I’ve known of this engagement well before Brittany did and in fact, Colton use my Jeweler for the engagement ring. Anyway, there was never a dull moment from which my wife thoroughly enjoyed seeing the many horses and wide hogs run around. It’s clear how Colton and Brittanyare into one another. They make a sweet and amazing couple. This was a fun, loving and adventurous engagement session. I’m looking forward to bringing my first wedding of the New Year with them. Enjoy!   

  1. Daisy says:

    I truly enjoy how you capture life of those who are in love!

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