Bailey’s Plano Texas Wedding-Second shooter


I can’t say enough about how much fun I had photographing this wedding. This was a wedding I provided second shooter help to my talented photographer friend Tyson Pough Photography. She’s an amazing wedding and portrait photographer. As of lately, we’ve called on each other to assist with each other’s weddings, and we make a great team. I can’t thank her enough. Some may not realize, but a second shooter plays a very important role right alongside the primary photographer. The role of the second shooter is to provide a different prospective and capture moments happening simultaneously that the primary shooter would have missed. Having a second shooter present helps control the flow and punctuality of the wedding agenda. Second shooters never take the same shots as the primary photographer. My responsibility was to capture the groom and groomsmen getting dress while Tyson was with the bride and bridesmaids. The bride and groom stayed at different hotels but ideally it’s best for both bride and groom to get dress at the same hotel. It can save a ton of time!! To get a better understanding of the second shooter’s role, please view my images and the different perspective that the primary photographer would not otherwise have been able to capture. Enjoy!!


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